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Artificial Intelligence Impact on Consumers Travel Experience From Booking Reservations to In-flight Entertainment and Checking into Hotel Rooms.

Nearly every day there’s a new headline about the latest application of artificial intelligence in the travel industry. AI is having a significant impact on the way consumers experience travel at nearly every stage of the process: From booking travel reservations to in-flight entertainment and checking into hotel rooms. Among the noteworthy recent developments is’s decision to adopt the use of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) for its enterprise customer care. Created by Massachusetts-based Interactions, LLC, the IVAs will work with customers to complete tasks traditionally handled by agents—doing such things as changing seats, adding bags or even adding a pet-companion to the trip.

It’s an offering that was particularly critical for (which provides value flight itineraries), because the IVAs allow the rapidly growing company to communicate seamlessly with customers from all over the world, despite a customer’s native language. The virtual assistants ar…